We’re celebrating the start of Wimbledon with a Giveaway!

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Wimbledon begins today and to celebrate we’ve designed this personalised Tennis Notebook especially to coincide with the event. A great gift for any tennis enthusiast, and we’ve got five to give away! To be in with a chance of winning one just enter the competition on our facebook page here, it only takes a minute. The winners will be announced on Monday 30th June.

Good luck!

5 easy steps to make your child’s swimming pool party go with a splash!

What child doesn’t love splashing around in water on a hot day?  With summer approaching a swimming party might seem like a great idea to celebrate your little one’s birthday.  Or if the weather is warm enough and you have a tighter budget (or toddlers who can’t swim yet), why not host a paddling pool and water games party in the garden?  Follow these 5 easy steps for a perfect pool party…

1. Find a pool or paddling pool!

1 find a pool

You can find the nearest pool to host your party using this UK pool finder.  This will enable you to view all your local swimming pools and check out their suitability.

If you choose to have a paddling pool party at home the options are endless. The Early Learning Centre sells a large colourful pool which should be well within budget, or if you’re looking for something a bit more interactive, try this pool from Splash and Relax.

If you really want to go to town and money is no object why not indulge in a bouncy castle and pool in one. This one from Tesco is brilliant! Fill your paddling pool with inflatable beach balls for extra fun.

2. Send out the invitations!

2 send out invites

Our personalised swimming party invitations (pictured above) would compliment a pool party perfectly. View all of our personalised kids Invitations here.  Simply enter the name of the birthday boy or girl and the details of the party and let our design team do the work.

3. Let the games begin!

3 let the games begin

You can find lots of water game ideas to keep them squealing for hours here.  Our favourite is ‘fast freeze’ where you fill a paddling pool with ice cubes and each person has just 5 minutes to remove as many cubes as they can with their feet!  We also love this ducky fishing game from Amazon.  You could give a prize to the child who can hook the most ducks in a minute!

4. Inspiring party food!

4 inspiring party food

Some leisure centre pools will take care of all the party catering for you but if you’re on a budget, hosting a paddling pool party at home or just feeling crafty there are endless swimming/pool/beach/underwater related food ideas you can have a go at.  Sandwich or vegetable boats are always popular and so simple to make, just use cocktail sticks with some pieces of cheese, salami or cucumber for sails. Take a look at these beautiful examples on Oh Happy Day blog.

This watermelon shark looks a bit trickier to make but is so effective and the recipe for the cute cupcakes can be found on shine your light blog here.  What kids party is complete without jelly?  We found some great ideas on Soap and Bubble that look easy to make, you’ll just need some blue jelly, sweets and cocktail umbrellas.

5. Make up your party bags!

5 make up your party bags

Struggling to think of what to put in the party bags?  You could always use small sand castle buckets instead of bags for a beach/summer feel and these could be presents in themselves!  You can see some examples on Julia Saite’s blog – we love all her other creative summer party ideas too.

If you did want to add some extras, how about…. Kids sunglasses, Small water squirters, Inflatable beach balls, Inexpensive flip flops, Swimming goggles and Floating ducks.

You could always hand out your goody bags when the guests arrive so they can use them during the party.

If you’ve had a swimming party and have any stories or suggestions to share, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!


Personalisation ideas for Father’s Day

Personalised Father's Day DIY notebook

With Mother’s Day over it’s time to start thinking about something special for Father’s Day. All of our products are centred around personalisation, so there are lots of opportunities for creating a really unique gift, but the trick is: what to write!

Some of our customers have a real way with words and since we launched Made by Ellis we’ve seen lots of clever ideas that have made us smile and laugh.

We designed our Communiqué notebooks with father’s day in mind. On the DIY notebook pictured above we suggested ‘fixing the garden gate’, but our favourite order was for ‘Grandad’s notes on fixing things Grandma breaks’.

fathers day bag fathers day whiskey

notonthehighstreet.com always have some great personalised products and we thought the ideas above from Sparks Clothing and Becky Broome were really clever.

What we love about personalisation is it’s up to you how heart felt or macho you make your gift. Below is a very manly version of our bike notebook, along with a great card we found on moonpig.com that would be perfect for the less sentimental of you.

fathers day bike2fathers day card

If you’ve got any great personalisation ideas for Father’s Day we’d love to hear them! Please leave us a comment below. And if you’re ready to start your Father’s day hunt take a look at our gifts for him section.